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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 19, 2014 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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this morning on "world news now," virus spreading. an illinois man becomes the first case of mers infection on u.s. soil. how he got it and why doctors didn't know he was sick. triple crown trouble. the unstoppable california chrome runs in to a snag on his quest for history. one small piece of equipment that could shut down his bid before belmont. also this morning -- ♪ >> the king of pop back from the dead. the bizarre high-tech resurrection of michael jackson at the billboard music awards. it is monday, may 19th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. good monday morning, everybody. diana, are you okay? you are coughing away here. fighting a cold, huh? topic of conversation a while
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ago that we didn't have a cold all winter and now it is spring. >> you jinxed me. >> you certainly jinxed me. >> i knocked on wood. >> you said nobody has gotten a cold around me. not two days later i was hacking up a lung. >> doozy. >> here i am. >> hot tea coming? >> yes. hopefully i will be able to get through this. >> good monday morning, everybody. we begin with the first case of mers infection happening in the u.s. the latest patient from illinois picked up the virus from another patient in indiana when they were in the same room. >> although the illinois man did not get sick the cdc is concerned how this potentially deadly virus from the middle east is spreading here. >> reporter: an unidentified illinois businessman is believed to be the first mers infection transmitted here in the u.s. at first he tested negative but a followup test showed his body fought off the potentially fatal disease. >> every case is different. it is a spectrum of possibilities and we are
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learning as much as we can. >> reporter: public health investigators are keeping an eye on this patient's friends and family. they say he probably caught mers during two business meetings with the man they're calling patient number one, a health professional that worked in saudi arabia with mers patients and brought the disease state side last month. >> this virus is more easily transmittable than we thought initially. >> reporter: investigators say the two only shook hands. the illinois man was told to stay home, wear a mask and avoid contact with his family. the virus killed 160 people, all of them in the middle east. there's growing fear that mers is going to spread from the saudi arabia peninsula very soon. >> travel season to the peninsula is about to kick off. we have pilgrimage holidays and ramadan coming up at the end of june. >> reporter: everyone who shared a flight with patient number one from indiana has been tested. they are working to find passengers in 39 states who shared flights with patient number two who flew from saudi arabia and was hospitalized in orlando.
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no other passengers have had symptoms. while the cdc is encouraged by the case of an illinois man who tested positive without getting sick, health officials remain cautious. >> until you can be certain that that is the norm, that people can get and have no problem whatsoever, they will be all over it and test every case. >> reporter: test results will show if the illinois man transmitted the virus to anyone else. >> it take two days to two weeks to develop the disease. and anyone who traveled with the man would be sick by now. residents much san diego now returning to their neighborhoods finding out how close the flames came to their door steps. for many it's a devastating discovery. bob and sophi's dream home is now a pile of ash. >> we did our crying the first night or two. now it's time to go on with our lives. >> governor brown says california is gearing up for what could be one of the worst wildfire seasons in history. he said the state set aside 600 million but it may not be enough.
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the opposite problem in the balkans that has seen the worst flooding in 120 years. the floods triggered 3,000 landslides in bosnia and serbia yesterday laying waste to entire towns and villages and disturbing land mines left over from the 1990s war. tens of thousands have been forced from their homes and two dozen people have died. more than a month since the abduction of those nigerian high school girls. despite international help to find the girls there are new concerns the nigerian military may not be up to the task of rescuing them safely. abc's hamish mcdonald has the latest from nigeria. >> reporter: nigeria calls the militants west africa's al qaeda. it is declaring war. on the ground, the military is scouring the wilderness for 200 missing girls. the skies above support from the u.s. and u.k. with manned surveillance flights and drones.
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>> our optimism has been raised higher that we will bring back our girls. >> reporter: but there is real risk that any rescue could lead to the deaths of the girls and that leaves negotiations a high priority. nigeria's government flatly refuses to exchange high-profile prisoners, but we know that direct talks with boko haram leadership are underway. this may be a new war for the west but in classrooms across nigeria's northeast there's long been fighting these battles. >> i'm actually afraid of them because i know and i should -- >> in february, militants rampaged firing guns and setting their school on fire. >> i have to go to school because if i say, i have nothing to do. >> reporter: all of the talk of international cooperation, the state department is expressing doubts about nigeria's military. even if they can locate the girls, can the soldiers here rescue them and bring them home safely. hamish mcdonald, abc news.
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nigeria. south korea's president formally addressed the nation with an apology. it was her first televised address since the april 16th ferry disaster that left 300 people dead or missing. president park geun-hye vowed to disband the coast guard and root out corruption. and collusion between regulators and shipping companies. authorities believe cargo overloading may have contributed to that disaster. terrifying bus crash sent eight people to the hospital near boston. the commuter bus came to a stop with the front end dangling over the massachusetts turnpike. debris went flying on to the highway, forcing several lanes to shut down. it took a truck and crane three hours to move that bus. police in seattle are looking for a brazen burglar who ripped off a medical marijuana shop in the middle of the night. security cameras captured it all. the man cut a whole through a bathroom door and went to the register and safe and made off with cash and pot.
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another media mega merger in the works. at&t has agreed to buy direct tv for nearly $49 billion. the deal would make them the second biggest paid tv provider behind comcast that just bought time warner. regulators are worried the television and internet services are being increasingly controlled by just a few corporate behemoths. >> a cargo ship at the international space station for a month is back on earth. an astronaut used the big robot arm to release the so-called spacex dragon. five hours later it was in the pacific near mexico's a baja off the california coast. it carried two tons of old equipment and science experiments for nasa back to earth. >> 150 science experiments, by the way. a lot going on there. they included biotechnology samples, biology studies, physical science, human research according to nasa officials. interesting stuff. >> very interesting. the dragon is the only cargo
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ship can successfully can bring supplies back to earth. from the international space station. while russia and japan's can deliver cargo, but they get destroyed on reentry. this can bring it back. >> it has a contract with nasa to go up and resupply 12 times and it is worth $1.6 billion. a whole lot of cash. a former indy car driver was back on the track using an incredible car during a simulated qualifying run for a big race. schmidt was at the wheel of the 2014 corvette stingray. the thing is schmidt is a quadriplegic because of a crash 14 years ago. he controls the steering and acceleration by tilting his head in small increments. one former indy champ tweeted of schmidt's last quote, nothing stops this guy, hashtag inspiration. >> remarkable. >> i'd love to be in there and see what it is like. let's take to the friendly skies. something airline passengers don't see every day.
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>> imagine waiting at the airport security line and seeing this, someone carrying a teeny, tiny clouded leopard cub. oh, my gosh. she's barely a month old and doesn't have a name yet. >> the tiny clouded leopard cub arrived in denver aboard a flight accompanied by his zookeeper and assistant. and was on the way to a denver zoo. >> she was born at the smithsonian conservatory biology institute on april 10th and she's just so cute. >> she will be introduced though current leopard cubs a male and female. they are distinguished by their gray hair the clouded leopards. found in the himalaya foothills. >> only 10,000 adult males of those. very few. so adorable. >> i'm sure they were a hit at the airport. everybody wanted to give it a little pet. coming up, you may have seen the billboard music awards here on abc last night. they did not disappoint. we will have the winners, losers and one of the most unique performances we have ever seen.
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and california chrome's race continues. the final quest for the triple crown may be lost. his owners are considering pulling him out of the belmont stakes. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by mega red omega-3 krill oil. red omega-3 krill oil. red omega-3 krill oil. mega red omega-3 krill oil.
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♪ ♪ there may be a new hurdle in the run for horse racing's top prize. california chrome is on track to sweep the three major races. >> but there's a chance he may be forced to skip the final race, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase by a nose. abc's darren rovell explains. >> california chrome won the preakness. california chrome's victory in the preakness he setting up a chance at history. a chance to win the elusive triple crown. in the hours after the horse's victory there is already concern. california chrome may not be allowed to wear the nasal strip he's worn in his last six wins. new york stewards responsible for enforcing the racing rules of the state have banned the use
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of the strips in the past so a formal request must be made which chrome's team told espn will happen on tuesday. then the stewards will make the decision on whether to permit it. >> proud to present a drug-free respiratory innovation for breathing easier. >> the flare strip is to horses what the breathe right strip is to humans. in fact, it was invented by the same company 15 years ago. >> your horse will prooet easier, be able to perform at their best. >> reporter: whether the nasal strip provides any advantage is open to interpretation. so the stage is set. will the stewards dare to deny california chrome his nasal strip? the first potential triple crown winner in 36 years, or will the owners of the horse bred for $10,000 that earned $3 million keep him off the track sacrificing a chance at huge post career stud fees and racing immortality, no one knows. darren rovell, abc news, new
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york. >> wouldn't it be terrible. everybody is waiting for the triple crown winner. >> i know. can you imagine just because of a nose strip? it's hard to see that that would give it some kind of advantage. i'm trying to understand what the advantage is. >> every other race state allows these nasal strips. >> right. >> new york allows them for harness racing. but just not this kind of racing. it seems like a technicality. hopefully they will rule and it won't be an issue. listen to this, though, it was almost an issue before. there was a horse that was the last horse to win the two legs of the triple crown he was prepared to run in belmont without the nasal strips and got scratched and it was a nonissue. >> we will see what happens here. will a nasal strip help? apparently, somebody thinks so. hopefully california chrome will be able to race so we can get the triple crown. >> would be nice. coming up, we will have the billboard music awards. it is a great night come on back. ♪
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>> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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welcome back. the stars were out in las vegas last night at the billboard music awards. an event all about the performances and it didn't disappoint. music and media consultant joins us now with the highlights. good morning, bruno. >> good morning, guys. >> first of all it is an award ceremony. let's talk about who the big winners were. >> the biggest winner of the night was justin timberlake. he walked away with seven
3:19 am
awards, including the top award of the night. he's magnificent. >> who else was a big winner. >> lorde walked away with best new or top new artist. this is interesting considering lorde was unknown 15 months ago and only 17 years old. >> that's true. >> tremendous. >> what were the big performances in your mind of the night? >> the night kicked off with pit bull and jennifer lopez. the theme song of the world cup "we are one" which is an incredible way to kick off an award show. it is a big latin party in you will. these are the two hardest working artists in show business right now. pit bull and jennifer lopez. they are everywhere and will be in brazil for the world cup kickoff ceremony, an event seen by 2 billion people. a nice way to start off the show. >> talk about what i think was the moment of the night. it was really incredible seeing michael jackson almost real. >> wow. john, this is something that had been buzzed about for a couple of weeks. actually this performance had been planned a year ago.
3:20 am
the producers and people who created the cirque du soleil, michael jackson extravaganza put it together a year ago. ♪ >> this is a song that is on michael jackson's new album which dropped last week. it is unreleased tracks that were lying around in his vault before he passed away. it's a tremendous song. play to the rhythm promises to be a big hit. the album will probably debut at number one this week. it is already number one in 50 countries. it was a nice way for us to see the king of pop back in form considering we have not seen him in such a long time performing, that is. >> pretty amazing. >> lastly, you liked miley's performance? >> miley was incredible. how do you take on the beatles and make it work? the only way you can do is with wayne coyne who helped her. he's from the flaming lips.
3:21 am
she actually pulled it off. it was an interesting funky performance. i have to tell you, she pulled it off. >> funky is sure one way to describe what i'm looking at right now. all right. there was history made tonight in the year's icon awards. this is interesting. you were just talking about her, actually. >> jennifer lopez, we said she is the hardest-working woman in show business. she's the first female to receive the icon award and she deserves it. she sold over 70 million albums. she's currently probably on top of her game musically. and also as a celebrity and as a personality. there's no bigger act than jennifer lopez right now. >> certainly looks great. overall would you give the show a thumbs up? >> the show was actually really cool. a good way to kick off summer and nice way for artists to launch a song for the summer and i'd say yes. it is a good way and everybody got what they wanted out of it, a cool show. >> bruno, thank you. as always. >> we'll be right back. "the mix" is coming up next.
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go pro with crest pro-health. excuse me, did you say you want to see my teeth, oh i'm sorry. >> welcome to "the mix," everyone. we want to show you incredible video. this is a scuba diver out swimming around, checking out the scene when all of a sudden a shark comes a little too close. here's the problem, though. the shark kept coming back. that is jimmy roseman with the camera there. he really is lucky to be alive. that's a great white shark out there. he dived 90 feet off the florida coast. he noticed this great white was there. then the thing kept coming back and coming back. he got to the point where he had to -- that's a spear gun there. he had to prod it with the spear gun. he didn't shoot it or hurt it in order to get it to stop coming around. 12-feet long and went to far to smack the guy's air tank.
3:26 am
eventually he went on his merry way and jimmy i'm sure was able to swim out as fast as he could and never went back. >> that's a whole -- >> hitting your air supply. little scary. a woman in minnesota, first grade teacher, peggy bennett, has a way to inspire kids to read. she brings in her dog, a shiloh shepherd. and the dog's name is colter. she taught colter how to read. she puts sit and stay on cards and he learned to recognize the words. so she holds up the cards. see if you can read it. >> let's try this one. >> good job! >> she said she trained him. he got it in two days. they started with verbal commands and he started to recognize the shapes of the letters and he listens. >> wow.
3:27 am
first grader wasn't getting reading and the dog was, i might never read again. >> i don't know if i would be interested in reading if there was a dog brought in as my inspiration. >> a dog can do it. >> i would want a dog that can read. >> so you would never have to read again. the dog can do the work for you. switch-a-roo of the ages. adorable story. this happened during the fourth inning of the blue jays, rangers game on saturday. you will see what happens here. there's the play. the toronto's third base coach rivera throws it to the ball boy and he grabs it. take a look. there is the switch-a-roo. he catches it with the glove but in his other hand he hands to the girl in the back row to impress her. >> what a charmer. look at him. >> the lady in the back says wait a minute. he has the other ball but it seems like the girl he is trying to impress doesn't notice. she's loving every minute of it. >> should have gotten a peck on the cheek for that one. >> cool. >> working it.
3:28 am
sm this morning on "world news
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now" with, the first transmission of mers on u.s. soil. how an illinois man contracted the virus and why his case is perplexing health officials. plus hillary's health. new questions about what is fair game when it comes to the medical history of a candidate. what makes you happy? the app that promises to improve your mood and change the way you think. the 2014 billboard music awards. the highlights, winners and one act stole the show. ahead in "the skinny" on this monday, may 19th. ♪ from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. good monday morning, everyone. oh, monday. did you have a nice weekend? >> i had a nice weekend. did a lot of work in the yard. that kind of thing. how about yourself?
3:31 am
>> nice relaxing weekend. the best kind. >> still rockin' a cold. i feel bad for you, coughing and wheezing. >> hold on. i have my hot tea. i will show everybody what i did. i took the halls out of my mouth. >> got to do what you have to do. i'm holding a little piece of halls. >> put the bad boy back in during the commercial. >> like he said, you have to do whatever it takes but here i am and i'm feeling okay. there's no body aches. >> all right. let's get started. good morning to all of you. here's the news now. federal health officials have new concerns about that potentially deadly virus known as mers spreading here in the u.s. to a man who never knew he was infected. >> they are wondering if the virus is changing and spreading more easily and have others become infected. here's steve osunsami. >> an unidentified illinois businessman is believed to be the first mers infection transmitted in the u.s. he initially tested negative but a second showed his body fought the disease and won. health officials, who say they are still learning about the
3:32 am
disease, are keeping an eye on family and friends who may have been in close contact while he was infected. they believe he probably caught the virus during two business meetings with a man they are calling patient number one, a health professional who worked in saudi arabia with mers patients who brought the disease state side in april and hospitalized in indiana. investigators say the two shook hands. this new patient said he never felt sick. cdc investigators tell us there's good news here. proof a person can contract the virus and remain healthy. more than 160 patients with the virus have died, but most of them in the middle east, the arabian peninsula, ground zero for the new disease. >> we will see more cases. people are traveling. travel season to the peninsula is about to kick off. we have pilgrimage holidays and ramadan coming up at the end of june. >> reporter: investigators are testing anyone who shared flights with patient number one from indiana and they are working closely with 39 states
3:33 am
to locate passengers who shared flights with patient number two who also flew from saudi arabia and was hospitalized in orlando. health officials here at the cdc say they have reached out to both domestic and international flyers who shared a flight with that sick passenger. so far, no one has reported any symptoms. they underline it takes two to 14 days to come down with the disease. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> cdc says catching a cold or flu is more likely than picking up mers and any new cases will originate from the arabian peninsula and probably spread person to person with close contact. >> we're talking about in the same room, shaking hands, hugging, sharing a drink. that kind of thing. not really if you happen to be in the same neighborhood as someone who has mers that it will be widespread in that neighborhood. you have to have direct contact. right now they are saying it is specifically coming from the saudi arabian peninsula. unless you know someone with
3:34 am
were on a flight or were there your chances are less likely to contract it. let's talk about the next story. evacuation orders have been lifted as crews gain the upper hand on the remaining fires burning in san diego. 47 homes destroyed. most in the san marco area. california governor jerry brown says this could be the beginning of the devastating season. >> we're in the third year of a very dry season. we are getting ready for the worst. we don't want to anticipate before we know, but we need a full complement of firefighting capacity. the state's climate appears to be changing. the scientists tell us that definitely. so we have to gear up here. >> science is backing up what the governor says. in the past three months three studies and reports have said that wildfires are getting bigger and manmade climate change is to blame and it is only going to get worse with more fires starting earlier in the year. let's look at the weather.
3:35 am
showers will be limited to the upper tier of the country, getting stronger and more severe over the midwest. rain, thunderstorms and mountain snow will extend from northern california and the sierras up to the western montana and wyoming area. everywhere else will be sunny and clear. >> temperatures will be cool in the northeast. mild to the south. 80s across the midwest and mild along the west coast. hotspot today phoenix at 99 degrees. firefighters responding to a garage fire burning out of control near san diego found themselves in the line of gun fire. it came from ammunition stored in the garage. luckily no one was shot or seriously hurt. one firefighter was reportedly hit on the nose by one of the shell casings. there is no word on the cause of the fire or if charges will be filed against the homeowner. nearly 600 miles north, two elderly hikers were shot and robbed on a hiking trail in red bluff, california. 69-year-old man from massachusetts and 76-year-old man from california were allegedly mugged by a single gunman.
3:36 am
another hiker discovered the two three hours later. one died at the scene and the other is in critical condition. the gunman is at large. police and fbi agents are working at a home where a girl lived when she went missing in 1989. amy sue disappeared from a gas station while her step father went to use the restroom. she hasn't been seen since. law enforcement started to search the home yesterday and expect to be there for several days. now to politics. if you think you have heard the last over the flap over hillary clinton's health concerns think again. republicans were hitting on the issue once again over the weekend. abc's jeff zeleny has the back and forth. >> reporter: the clintons suddenly seem to be everywhere. >> please welcome, hillary clinton. >> president bill clinton. >> reporter: the political tag team out in full force, making 14 appearances in the last week. >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: republicans are getting ready too, raising more questions about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya. former vice president dick
3:37 am
cheney saying secretary clinton should be held accountable. >> she clearly bears responsibility for what the state department did or didn't do. i don't think we have heard the last of it yet. >> reporter: republicans taking fresh aim at mrs. clinton's age and health from a concussion she suffered in december of 2012. >> she will have to cough up these medical records. she will be 69 at the time of the election. >> reporter: 69 is the same age ronald reagan was when he took office. four years later, this famous line. >> i'm not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> reporter: of course we still don't know mrs. clinton's intentions. >> the question i want to ask is are you going to run? >> i'm running, around the park. >> reporter: we will see more on mrs. clinton when her book is released next month but that's not all. republicans say she will be called to testify on capitol hill at the benghazi hearings this summer. jeff zeleny, abc news, the white house. thousand of people have been
3:38 am
forced from their homes in the balkans by the worst flooding there in 120 years. in one town, boats delivered water to residents trapped on their rooftops. three months of rain fell in that region in three days causing thousands of mudslides. two dozen people have died. a big celebration in lima, peru that happened over the weekend to honor special couples exchanging their vows. >> they were a canine variety, mostly chihuahuas and shih tzus arriving. dressed in tuxedos and bridal gowns. once they sealed with a kiss the couples signed their marriage certificates and they took off for their honeymoons. there you have it. by the way, organizers say the mass wedding was intended to encourage owners to be good about grooming their pets, taking good care of them. there's a reason behind the madness. >> so doggy marriages are about taking care of your pet. >> so you are telling me these dogs are not madly in love with each other? >> for life, dedicated. >> i'm feeling a little upset this is not real love.
3:39 am
>> what do you get for a doggy honeymoon. >> where do you go for a doggy honey moon? >> fire hydrants. >> a lot of fire hydrants and green open pastures. >> there you go, what more could a dog want. coming up the right to try. lawmakers make it easier to be treated with experimental drugs but only for certain people. later the song that stole the show. the high-tech resurrection of michael jackson at last night's billboard music awards. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol no mess max. by lysol no mess max. i'd say i clean the toilet 6 or 7 times a day. like clockwork, every 20 minutes i clean the toilet. sometimes i get up in the middle of the night and clean the toilet. now every time you go, lysol cleans for you. new lysol no mess max gives you max cleaning with every flush.
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while its fragrance gels release 4 weeks of max freshness. that's what i like to hear. someone cleaning the toilet for me. lysol. start healthing.
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but only for certain people. no mess max. ♪ ♪ this morning colorado is now the first state in the nation to allow terminally ill patients to get experimental drugs without federal approval. >> it was families desperate for their loved ones who lobbied for the right. abc's clayton sandell is in denver with one family's plea. >> reporter: last fall, cancer took the life of nick, a married father of three. >> i love my dad. >> reporter: his time running out, nick wanted to try what the fda hailed as a breakthrough drug but medical complications disqualified him from a drug trial. he tried desperately on his own. >> i think i can be a case study for the drug and show how it works. >> reporter: the makers of the drug said no. >> it was horrible, unbearable to have them say no.
3:44 am
>> reporter: this weekend, colorado became the first state to enact a so-called right to try law meant to cut through red tape and allow faster access to experimental drugs for people who are terminally sick. >> patients should be able to try a treatment, even though it hasn't been approved if it is an attempt to save their life. >> reporter: proponents helped to sell the bill comparing it to "the dallas buyers club" the movie about a real-life aids patient smuggling unapproved treatments in from mexico. >> they just released it for testing. >> reporter: critics say the colorado bill is largely symbol symbolic, state law with no power to force action from the federal fda or from drug makers. >> these bills do not put aside one nickel to help people either get to where the drugs are, pay for the drugs they may need or indemnify somebody who gives them the drugs if they die. >> reporter: that has not stopped other states from following colorado's lead.
3:45 am
the right to try push now gaining speed in who louisiana, arizona and missouri. >> i think it will hopefully change the environment and i will be able to say to the kids when they are older that we did everything we could to try to save daddy's life. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news, lone tree, colorado. >> man. it may just be symbolic, but you if enough states get on board, they will make enough noise that the federal government will pay attention. >> if you are terminally ill and no hope. anyone in those shoes would say give me a shot. i don't have one any way. give me a shot. >> i don't understand why anyone would stand in the way of somebody trying to save their lives. >> by the way, the bill ensures the health care providers insurance are not liable if the patient uses a drug outside of clinical trials, gets sick and dies. >> give them the option too. there you have it. >> anyone would say give it to me and i will sign your paper and not sue you.
3:46 am
>> whatever. i'll go away. >> give me the meds if it works, it works if not i will try something else. if it is made and you are waiting to release it to the public give it to the people that need it. that's my opinion. >> you would think. when we come back, we'll what's in ""the skinny."" . >> billboard music awards with a performance by michael jackson. you have to see this. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ skinny so skinny >> "the skinny" time. first up, the billboard music awards. the festivities were in las vegas again this year, but some of the winners were not. one of the performers was really not there. >> we will get to that in just a moment. but first, since it is after all an awards show, a couple of big winners here. justin timberlake was honored seven times for his comeback album the first in seven years. accepting here.
3:49 am
you see him with his band on the road. >> yeah. lorde won big. the 17-year-old australian honored for her top rock song for "royals" but the performances gave viewers the reason to watch a rousing start with jennifer lopez and pit bull. >> their song "we are one" is the official song of the world cup soccer opening ceremony. think we're going to hear that a few times. miley cyrus wasn't there but turned in a performance live from london. also a duet singing with flaming lips wayne coyne. they did an interpretation of "lucy in the sky with diamonds." pretty good and you have to love those -- >> look fabulous, don't they? the show stopper without question. check this out. michael jackson resurrected as a hologram with a high-tech performance. >> he sang slave to the rhythm. with a five-piece band, live dancers. michael turned in some of his
3:50 am
trademark moves including a moon walk and it was mesmerizing. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> jay-z and beyonce weren't at the billboard awards but were getting play trying to put the elevator scandal behind them. >> rap's first couple are deflecting attention by burning up social media with a video promoting their much-anticipated summer on the run tour. it was a celebrity studded trailer. stars don cheadle, sean penn, blake lively. it features the couple as a modern day bonnie and clyde, robbing banks and running from the law. >> this is just the video. that is not a movie coming out anywhere. i guess it is not so interesting they would put it all together. they have boat loads of money and can do whatever they want. >> yeah, they can. going to be a movie someday before it's over. >> wow, she's on fire, this
3:51 am
woman. i see more and more of this woman's body promoting this tour than i think anybody ever has. >> not that anyone is complaining. >> nobody's complaining. moving on to drama on "dancing with the stars" and it comes before the two-night finale starts. >> bad news for the team of candace cameron bure and mark ballas. while rehearsing yesterday, mark's shoulder popped out and he had to be treated at the hospital but has been released. >> he suffered a similar injury on the show seven years ago. in case he can't dance tonight another pro is learning the routine and would take his place. hope he gets better. finally, can we blow out candles, diana? >> i think it is time to blow out the candles. celebrating birthdays today, rebecca hall 32. country and southern rock singer shooter jennings. turns 35 years old. >> interesting name. singer, actress, model grace jones is turning 66. she looks wonderful.
3:52 am
>> pete townshend turns 69 years old today. ♪ it's your birthday ♪ it's your birthday ♪
3:53 am
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♪ ♪ because i'm happy >> all right. finally the never-ending pursuit of happiness. sometimes we could all use a jump-start in that search. >> for that boost so many turn to the internet to retrain their brains to be happier. because mondays are always a little tough and we could use help, this is "our favorite story of the day". find out if it really works. abc's mara schiavocampo put it to the test. >> reporter: happiness. one of our most sought after emotions. now one many are finding on-line. in some ways, video game designer jane is a happiness personal trainer. a popular secret ted talk five years ago she became depressed
3:56 am
and suicidal after a traumatic brain injury. she created a video game super better. where players perform small tasks creating feelings of accomplishment and empowerment. >> there is something powerful about positive emotions. so powerful it can make us more resilient in the face of any challenge. >> reporter: many others are also turning to technology to change their happiness habits. the website happify uses on-line tasks and games to use skills that make people happier, like savoring good things, being grateful and performing acts of kindness. >> it is about working it in to to your day to day and real life. >> reporter: i gave it a shot for five weeks. you get points for the positive words you click on. >> reporter: it may seem basic happify claims that 86% of its users report feeling happier over time. come on, could obtaining joy be so simple? it just might. i have actually found it works.
3:57 am
looking at those words, positive words makes me feel more positive. positive emotions that some say is just a click away. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> happify says their activities are based on scientific research that suggests there are five essential skills for happiness. savoring, thanking, aspiring, giving, and empathizing. >> thanking, not thinking. >> that's interesting. i don't know that i do a lot of that stuff. >> i was looking at this list, too. i think i emphasize -- >> say the word, john. >> i think i savor and think. i'm not sure i give enough. giving back. volunteering and stuff. >> this seems like a lot of give and take. you give and receive and do for yourself and that helps. >> that's what they say. >> there you have it. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
3:59 am
- ( snaps, clatters )laying ) that sounds awful. ( music stops ) but a lot better than last week. ( rock music playing ) ♪ we weren't born to follow. ♪
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, spreading concerns. another american diagnosed with the deadly mers virus, but there's something different about this case that's concerning doctors. taking aim. hillary clinton hasn't even announced a presidential bid, but the gop is already on the attack with the former first lady's health taking center stage. we're live in washington with the details. surprise swimmer. a couple finds a big, bad pool crasher taking a late night dip in their backyard. star-studded, a wrap of the billboard music awards where the king of pop makes a return and the introduction fail that's getting all the buzz. >> now we welcome -- good monday morning, everyone.


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